Tax advisor – where to look? How can a tax advisor help in tax optimization?

A tax advisor is a profession that combines knowledge in the field of finance and law. The main goal of the adviser is to help enterprises maximize their profits, which, of course, is to be done in accordance with rules and ethics. Where to look for a tax advisor? How can he help with tax optimization?

Where to look for a tax advisor?

In finding a tax advisor, the Internet may be helpful. There are many accounting offices that deal with the issue of tax optimization, one of them is Tabb. The cooperation can be established by e-mail, telephone or in person at the company’s headquarters. In addition to tax optimization, among the services offered by the Tabb office, you can mention accounting, business consulting, tax audits, tax consultancy, assistance in setting up companies and storage of files.

Help from the adviser in tax optimization

Tax advisor’s help in tax optimization is often necessary. Its main goal is to maximize the profits of a particular company. Tax optimization is based primarily on the review of the current tax burden of the company and finding appropriate solutions to make these problems disappear. For this to happen, it is necessary to help specialists who know not only finance but also tax and economic law. Among the services that are usually offered to people who want to make tax optimization, tax planning, tax saving, and tax avoidance are often proposed using only legal possibilities. Acting in accordance with the law is the highest value for every adviser, and its aim is to safeguard the client’s interests.

What comes within the scope of tax optimization?

Everything depends on the company. The scope of tax optimization includes a number of activities that aim to reduce the costs of running a business. Among them, one can distinguish activities in the economic zone, creating foreign holding companies, establishing companies in Europe, restructuring and merging companies, operating in the form of a partnership rather than a capital partnership, combining revenue sources, simplifying advances for income tax, settling tax losses, quarterly VAT settlement, subjective exemption from VAT, reduction of input tax and many other services.

In summary, it is worth using a qualified tax advisor, especially if our company is not able to deal with finances and starts to have serious problems. A person who knows the tax and economic law is able to help in tax optimization, which can protect the company from closing down and falling into increasing debts.